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Put your food production on autopilot

Hyphen is an automated makeline designed to reduce labor and food costs and increase capacity. It assembles perfectly portioned meals within seconds.

  • 300%
    Staffing efficiency
  • 253%
    Production capacity
  • 100%
    Order accuracy
  • ±5%
    Ingredient portioning
Design ———
A kitchen staple, reimagined
With fast instal­la­tion and no retro­fitting, it’s a 1‑to‑1 swap with any current makeline, and it’s easily operated with one person.
Design Hero
Do double duty
Hyphen is versatile, assembling 120+ bowls per hour below with robotics, allowing more orders to be prepared manually up top with standard hotel-pan sizes if needed.
Intuitive UI with superpowers
Hyphen was designed to be used by anyone. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, with continuous monitoring built in so everyday operations are easy.
Put hospitality first
Hospitality and culinary creativity are core to foodservice. Hyphen takes tedious work out of the kitchen so staff can focus on what matters most.
Tech ———
Fast, consistent, profitable meals
Hyphen’s innovative features eliminate waste, reduce order issues, and ensure every meal is accurate.
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Integrated Quality Control
Hyphen sensors metic­u­lous­ly monitor and upload your data, ensuring you stay well-informed. Purpose-built engineering makes every order perfectly, with accurate portions and a new standard of quality control.
Integrated Precision
Stacks of bowls or trays will auto­mat­i­cal­ly denest, fill, and lift at the other end when ready. Meals are made completely contactless.
Human-Centered Design
Hyphen monitors each ingredient and notifies staff when a hotel pan needs to be replenished. It also checks and maintains the set temperature, so your food is always safe.
Perfect Plating
Hyphen’s advanced dispenser systems can be configured in cus­tomiz­able patterns — eliminating uneven ingredients and giving customers a photo-ready meal every time.
Scalability ———
All the ingredients you need to scale
Hyphen modules grow with your business. Add, swap, or replace hot, cold, and ambient cabinets with ease.
The Hyphen ecosystem
  • Icon 1 Make it yours Build a custom makeline to fit your menu with different cabinet options that hold standard 16 and 13 size hotel pans.
  • Icon 8 NSF & UL certified Benefit from the strictest public health and envi­ron­men­tal standards to keep your customers safe.
  • Temp Temperature Controls Set and maintain different tem­per­a­tures at ease for each hot and cold cabinet.
  • Menu Ingredients & Menu Choose from 500+ tested ingredients, granting you the freedom to perfect your menu or pick from our inventory of tasty automation-friendly menus.
  • Un86 Intuitive UI Get automated ingredient fill-level alerts and 86 ingredients on the fly so your operations keep moving.
  • Autopilot Integrations & Connectivity Our API enables automated production of online orders, and with just a WiFi connection staff can remotely manage inventory, portioning, and plating.
  • Icon 7 Packaging Pick from four packaging types, including 32oz/​48oz bowls and trays.
  • Add Ingredient Culinary Expertise Our experienced culinary team can build you a highly profitable menu that’s tasty and automation-friendly.
HyphenOS ———
Total control at your fingertips
Hyphen connects the dots of your data in real-time — and over time — providing actionable insights for better forecasting.
Hyphen tablet os
See it all
HyphenOS lets you track unit-level store performance, purchase inventory based on historical and real-time data, and develop new and seasonal recipes that can be easily synced to any of your Hyphen makelines.
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Streamline your workflow
HyphenOS brings a simpler, more customized workflow to your business and SOPs. It allows anyone on staff to easily manage and modify orders in seconds.
Pan in, pan out
HyphenOS monitors hotel pans to ensure ingredients are maintained at the right temperature and nudges staff when they’re running low. Minimize waste by auto­mat­i­cal­ly managing inventory and optimizing purchasing.
It’s easy to upgrade to
  • 01
    Simple installation Hyphen doesn’t require plumbing, drains, vents, or hoods — simply plug it in and start serving on day one.
  • 02
    Easy to integrate Hyphen works with your IT infra­struc­ture: menu management, delivery services, KDS, POS, ERP systems.
  • 03
    Fast cleanup With push-to-unlock features, Hyphen requires no tools for cleaning. Each component fits into a standard 3 — comp sink or commercial dishwasher.
  • 04
    Updates itself Hyphen comes with continuous and scheduled maintenance — allowing you to focus on what matters most.
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