Company ———
We help restaurants thrive
We bring advanced technology to familiar kitchen tools making it easier for busy kitchens to adapt to change.
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It’s human nature to adapt our everyday tools to meet our evolving needs. We believe in building tools with real-life impact — which means designing around people and for people. Hyphen is the next logical step for busy kitchens: an enhanced, flexible, yet industrial-grade makeline built for the 21st century.
As the restaurant experience continues to shift, we see myriad ways to build more efficient kitchens and kitchen teams. We see Hyphen as a tool that will unlock pos­si­bil­i­ties for restau­ran­teurs — allowing them to focus on the intangible ingredients of the experience: hospitality, employee sat­is­fac­tion, and culinary ingenuity.
Leadership ———
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Stephen Klein
Co-Founder & CEO
Previous: VP of Operations, CafeX & Product Ops, Instacart
64e67c3562e1f800f973ff58 6422faedf1172a2d2d3d459a daniel mint
Daniel Fukuba
Co-Founder & CTO
Previous: Engineering Manager, L2F (acq. by The Middleby Corporation)
64e67c361b743d511d1eaf51 6422fae1cba851d28cadfe7d abram mint
Abram Simon
VP, Software Engineering
Previous: Sr. Engineering Manager, Samsara
64e67c35c27806e268f4db44 64de7eaa6f9a44a35925bb74 j goel mint 2
J Goel
SVP, Revenue
Previous: GM at Postmates & ChowNow, Head of Strategy at Uber, PE & M&A at Boston Consulting Group
64e67c36e96f74542bcac24f 6422fad036c1980eb169aa49 maneesh mint
Maneesh Jain
VP, Hardware Engineering
Previous: Early Exec & Powertrain Lead, Tesla
64e67c3682fecf4407c95aed 6422facaf6b7997e151b0d1d jordan mint
Jordan Buettner
VP, Strategy & BizOps
Previous: R&D, Sweetgreen & Product, Uber
64e67c351b743d511d1eaed0 64d651a44cbdd45b4b0403e3 anush mint
Anusha Arunachalam
VP, Finance
Previous: Supersonic & Finance Lead, Waymo
64e67c35ce88f4f512bb6424 6422fa9861576b6b0e4c8f02 chris mint
Chris Patterson
VP, Production
Previous: Lead, SpaceX Raptor (rocket engine)
64e67c36b9c593b156808c66 64de80d82ba876db220b0f19 mark mint
Mark Manfrey
Director, Design
Previous: Product Design, Apple Special Projects Group
64e67c363739ed6cf6876f66 6422fac314a17a7346abd277 lucy mint
Lucy Voigt
Director, Culinary Innovation
Previous: Sales and operations, Moon Juice
Careers ———
At Hyphen our mission is to make operating a food business more profitable and efficient. Join us as the restaurant experience continues to shift, and help us build better tools to unlock pos­si­bil­i­ties for restauranteurs.
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